Student Video Introductions with Harmonize and Canvas

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Adding video directly to a Harmonize Discussion topic, post, or comment is easy with the built in video recorder. One engaging and easy way to use this tool right away is to build an ungraded discussion in which students introduce themselves to the instructor and their classmates with a short video.

Follow these simple steps to make your first Student Video Introduction in Harmonize:

Step 1: Create a new ungraded Harmonize Discussion

Once the Harmonize LTI has been added to your Canvas course, elect "Harmonize Discussions" from your Canvas course menu.


Once the Harmonize Discussions Landing Page has opened, click the "Add Discussion" button from the far right side of your screen.


The Harmonize Editor will open where you can give your discussion a title and set availability dates if you would like to limit access to the discussion.

The Harmonize Editor uses rows for each tool needed to build the discussion. In the first row you will find a text field where you can create written directions about the discussion for your students.

Step 2: Record an example video for students to watch

At the bottom of the Harmonize Editor you will find a row of additional tools. These will allow you to add more text, upload files with drag and drop functionality, post non-executable code snippets, add web links, and record video and/or audio files. Click on the video camera icon to create a new video with your phone, tablet, or computer's forward facing camera or any other camera you've connected to your computer.

A new row will appear where you can select either audio or video recording. Choose "Record Video"

This will open the Harmonize Video Recorder. If a request for permission appears in your browser window click the "allow" button. After the recording tool loads you can click the red button to begin recording your video. There is a five minute maximum for recording a video in the Harmonize editor, but there is no limit to the number of five minute recordings that can be saved to a topic, post, or comment.

Once you are finished recording you can use the stop button to finish, and the pause button is available if you need to take a short break while recording.

Once you are finished recording you can watch the video to review it and then decide to either save that rendition or delete and record again. Once you are satisfied with your recorded video and written instructions scroll to the bottom of the Harmonize Editor and click the "Save & Close" button in the bottom right hand corner.

Step 3: Look for your discussion to appear on the Harmonize Landing Page

Your Harmonize Discussion for Student Video Introductions will now appear in chronological order according to the due date on the Harmonize Landing Page.

Students will be able to easily access the discussion from this landing page, or you can also add the Harmonize Discussion to any Module. Follow the instructions here to learn how to add both graded and ungraded Harmonize discussions to a Canvas Module.

If you are using Canvas Pages to direct students to activities and resources you can also add a link to this ungraded Harmonize activity using the Canvas Rich Text Editor Plug-in Tool.

Please contact your Canvas Administrator if the Plug-in Tool does not allow you to choose the option to "Insert Harmonize Topic Link" or contact Harmonize Support for directions on how to add this feature to your Canvas instance.

Step 4: Let your Harmonize Discussion do it's thing!

Once students begin to make their video posts you can then watch as the comments and replies begin to populate and students enjoy sharing information about themselves and meeting the other students in their learning community.

As an instructor you can also click on any "card" to turn over the discussion post, watch the video, and leave your own comments as you meet your new students.

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