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New to Harmonize? This Quick Start Guide will get you up and running in no time.


What is Harmonize?

Harmonize is a suite of online collaboration and discussion tools that helps instructors maximize student engagement in their course. Harmonize is an interactive, inclusive space where you can post your work and discuss topics with teachers and other students in your online classroom using rich content and media. Record audio and video from any device to create personal and engaging discussions.


Topic Overview

Discussion: Sections of All Posts View with Milestones and Instructions


Section 1: Title & Navigation Menu

Topic Title

Discussion: Topic Title


The Topic Title reflects the Assignment Name field of the Edit Assignment Settings page in Canvas. To edit this title, click the Edit Assignment Settings button located in the top left corner outside of the Harmonize Discussion frame.


Navigation Menu

Discussion: Header Bar Icons


This menu makes it easy for you to navigate through all of the Harmonize components. Click the following links to learn more.

Discussion: Header Bar Chat Icon

Harmonize Chat
Clicking the Chat icon will open Harmonize Chat in a new tab.

Discussion: Header Bar Component Icon

Components Drawer
Clicking the Grid icon will open the Harmonize Component Drawer. Available menu options include:
Course Q&A
Engagement Insights
Course Settings

Profile Settings

Help & Support
Harmonize Knowledge Base

Discussion: Header Bar Notification Bell Icon

Harmonize Notifications Click the Notification icon to access your Harmonize Notifications.

Discussion: Header Bar Engagement Insights Graph Icon

Engagement Insights Clicking the Engagement Insights icon will open Engagement Insights in a new tab.

Discussion: Header Bar To Dos Calendar Icon

To Dos Clicking the To Dos icon will display an ordered list of milestone and assignment due dates: Harmonize To Dos

Discussion: Header Bar Profile Icon and Online Status Indicator

Harmonize Profile Clicking the Profile icon will open the Harmonize Profile menu. Click your name to visit Profile Settings. Use the drop down menu to set your Harmonize Chat status.

Discussion: Header Bar Additional Options Gear Icon

Additional Options
Clicking the Additional Options icon will open a menu with the following options:


Open in new tab

Edit Topic




Course Topic Activity



Notification Settings

Chat Settings

License Administration*

*If applicable to current role


Section 2: Milestone Requirements and Topic Activity


Discussion: Milestones Instructor View


Milestones allow you to create multiple participation requirements within a single discussion, encouraging students to engage in the discussion multiple times rather than all at once before the due date.


The message above the Milestone Requirements lets the instructor know how many students have completed the assignment so far. There is also a link to the Topic Activity Report which allows instructors to view the posts and comments that have been made by each participant. This report is particularly useful when facilitating a topic discussion or viewing activity in a discussion prior to its due date.


Topic Activity Counter

Discussion: Topic Activity Counts


The Topic Activity Counter reflects the number of Posts and Comments in the current Harmonize Discussion.


Section 3: Instructions, Watch Topic, Activity, Edit, Full Screen

Topic Instructions

Discussion: Instructions View Hide Instructions Button


These are your topic instructions. Click the Hide/Show Instructions button (highlighted above) to collapse or expand these instructions.


Watch Topic, Activity, Edit, Full Screen

Discussion: Watch Topic Toggle

Watch Topic

Toggle this option "On" to receive activity notifications for this Harmonize discussion.

Discussion: Activity Button

Student Activity

Click this button to view all student activity in your Harmonize Discussion.

Discussion: Edit Button

Edit Topic

Click this button to edit the settings of your Harmonize discussion.

Discussion: Fullscreen Toggle Button

Full Screen

Click this button to open your Harmonize discussion in full screen mode.


Section 4: Creating a Post

Creating a Post

Discussion: Create Post Bar

Click this area to create a post in the current Harmonize discussion.


Section 5: Display Options & Discussion Posts

Display Options

Discussion: Grid and List View Buttons

Grid View or List ViewClick these icons to toggle your Harmonize student posts between Grid View and List View.


Sort & Search Options

Discussion: Sorting Dropdown and Search Bar


  • SortClick the drop down menu to sort the posts in your Harmonize discussion. Sorting options include My Posts & Comments,  Oldest, Most Recent, New / Unread, Flagged, Instructor, and Name.
  • SearchEnter your search parameters in the Search Posts & Comments field. Click the magnifying glass icon to begin your search.


Discussion Posts

Discussion: Posts Grid View Cards


Both instructor and student posts will appear in this area. To see a more detailed view of these posts, click on the picture above the post's time stamp.


Next Steps

Ready to build your first Harmonize Discussion? Visit Creating Graded Discussions to get started!

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