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Tired of downloading student files one person at a time?  Now it's easy to download all attachments with just a couple clicks.  From the top menu of any Harmonize Discussion topic select the menu icon and then "Download All Attachments."  Harmonize will create a zipped archive folder to download. Unzip it and inside you'll find a folder for every student with all the files they've submitted ready to go!


Step 1: Click on the Menu Icon from the top right corner of any Harmonize Topic in the menu bar.

Step 2: Choose "Download All Attachments".

Step 3: A new screen will appear prompting you to create an attachment archive.  Click this button to grant permission for Harmonize to create a zip file of all attachments submitted to this Harmonize Discussion Topic.

Create Attachement Archive

Step 4:  Wait for the zip file to be created, then download to your browser's download folder.


Step 5:  Unzip the Attachment Archive folder.  Once opened you will find a folder has been created for each student.  Inside each student folder are all of the files that student attached to posts in the Harmonize Discussion.

Student Folders

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