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Visit your Harmonize Instructor Profile to update your profile settings, notification settings, and chat settings.


Accessing Your Harmonize Profile


From a Harmonize Discussion


  • In the Harmonize Navigation Menu, click the Harmonize Profile icon.
  • Click your name.



From the Harmonize Communication Center


  • On the Profile Settings card, click Open Profile Settings.



Harmonize Profile Settings



Profile Image


Your current profile image is shown in the top left of your Harmonize Profile Settings. To update this image:

  • Click the blue edit icon on your current profile image. The "Edit Profile Image" window will appear.
  • Select an image file (JPG or PNG) from your computer.
  • Crop the image to your liking, then click Save.
  • Your new profile image will display across all Harmonize interfaces.


Chat Status


Click the drop down menu located under your profile name to set your current chat status. Options include:

  • Online
  • Busy
  • Away
  • Show as Offline


The Profile Section


The Profile section of your Harmonize Profile includes the following options:


Profile Name


Email & Location


If you wish, you may update this space with your public email address, location, and time zone.

  • A quick note for Canvas Users: Your time zone setting is imported from your Canvas profile. To update, visit your Canvas settings and click Edit Settings.




  • Click the edit icon to add URL links to your profile.


Bio & Interests


  • Use this space to add a personal bio and list interests.




  • Use this space to add details about your education.


Office Hours


  • Use this space to provide information about your office hours.


Harmonize Notifications Settings


This section of your Instructor Profile controls your Harmonize Email Notification settings. These settings will apply to all Harmonize assignments and discussions.



Email Address


The default email address listed here is pulled from your LMS profile. To update this address:

  • Click the drop down menu and choose "Email Specific Below". 
  • Enter your preferred email address.
  • Click Save.


Notification Settings


Notifications are sent to the email address listed in your profile when any of the following actions occur in Harmonize. Email frequency can be set to Immediately, Daily, Weekly, or None. Please note that notification frequency is set to "Immediately" by default. These settings can be changed at any time by individual users.


  • Teacher Actions
    • New teacher posts
    • Updates to topic/assignment description


  • My Content
    • Teacher responds to your content
    • Student responds to your content
    • Video processing errors


  • Tags
    • Posts you are tagged in
    • Comments you are tagged in


  • Watched Topics
    • Posts
    • Comments
    • Comments on images or videos


  • Chat Messages
    • New Chat Messages


Email notifications are sent from Harmonize Learning and are titled Recent Harmonize Activity. Here is an example:


Screenshot 2023-07-21 at 13.51.50.png



Harmonize Chat Settings


This section of your Profile controls your Harmonize Chat settings.



Harmonize Chat


  • Click the Open Chat button to open Harmonize Chat in a new browser tab.


Chat Push Notifications


  • Click the Turn on Chat Notifications button to get notified of new Harmonize Chat messages on your desktop or device.


Disable Chat


  • Click the Disable Chat button to disable Harmonize Chat for your account.
    • NOTE: If chat is disabled you will no longer be able to receive or send messages, and you will not be able to access any previous chat messages.




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