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At Harmonize, we continually enhance our platform and release new features throughout the year. We sometimes will release features that might change the normal workflow for instructors or students. We also realize that our release schedule may not match your semester or training schedule. To accommodate for this, we provide customers with feature controls to allow them to choose a date to enable new features that better aligns with their schedule.

When available, these options may be accessed in the following ways.

Institution-Level Controls

Institution-Level controls can be found on the Harmonize License Administration page, which is only available to LMS administrators. You can access the page by going to the Harmonize Communication Center or any discussion page, clicking on the menu icon in the top right corner and selecting the License Administration option:

On the Harmonize License Administration page, you will find a section labeled Feature Settings near the top:

Inside the Feature Settings section, any features that may impact users' workflow will be listed with:

  • A brief description
  • Link to the feature's support article
  • A date for which the feature will be enabled for all users at your institution

If you would like to adjust this date, simply click on date or calendar icon and follow the direction in the dialog to select a new date:

Please note:

  • Each feature will have a maximum date that can be selected
  • Once the maximum date has elapsed, the feature may still be listed in Feature Settings, but the date selector will be grayed out and will no longer be editable

Course-Level Controls

If individual instructors would like to try out a new feature before it becomes available for every user at the institution, they can opt-in to features using the Course Settings page. Instructors can access the course settings page by navigating to the Harmonize Communication Center and clicking on the Course Settings card or select Course Settings from the components menu on any Harmonize page:

On the Course Settings page, instructors will see controls for upcoming features and current features:

  • For Upcoming Course Features, instructors can choose to turn specific features on or off prior to the feature being enabled for all users (which is set for the institution on the License Administration page)
    • Please note that after the date set at the institution level has elapsed, the feature will be turned on and the instructor will not be able to turn it off
  • For Current Course Features, instructors can easily control core features of their course such as whether to enable the Course Q&A board

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why am I not seeing more course settings or feature controls listed in the places you mentioned above?

  • Great question! Course Settings and Feature Controls are connected to Harmonize enhancements that may disrupt your usual semester workflow. These settings and controls allow you to enable new features at a time which better aligns with your schedule.
  • If a particular Course Setting or Feature Control is not available, it usually means the related Harmonize enhancement is fully released and available for use in your course.

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