Creating Standalone Polls in Canvas

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Need to create a standalone poll in Canvas?  There are two ways to do so!



From the Modules Link


  • Click the "Modules" link found in in the Canvas menu on the left side of the page.
  • Search for the Module where you'd like to add the Poll, then click the Add button.


Canvas Modules Add Item


  • In the Add Item drop down menu, choose External Tool, then click Harmonize.


Add Harmonize to Canvas Module


  • In the Link Resource from External Tool menu, choose Poll, then click Create New.


Choose Harmonize Poll


  • Enter a title for the poll, choose Not Graded or Graded, and click Create Poll.


Polling SS3 - Graded or Ungraded Poll


  • Click Add Item.


Add Item to Module


From the Assignments Link


  • Click the "Assignments" link found in the Canvas menu on the left side of the page.
  • Click the blue "+ Assignments" button in the top right corner of the page.
  • In the Submission Type menu, first choose External Tool, then click Find.  Choose Harmonize Assignment
  • Choose Poll in the "Link Resource from External Tool" window. Click the Select button.
  • Adjust the Assignments fields as needed, then click Save or Save & Publish.


Editing The Harmonize Poll


  • Create a new prompt for your poll and in the area below begin to add your poll options. For more options, click "Add Option."
  • Choose how the poll results will appear to others. Your options are Always, After Participant Votes or the Poll is Closed, After the Poll is Closed, or Never.

Select the visibility options for your poll's results to others


  • Use the Harmonize Editor to add more text, non-executable code, images, web links, recorded audio or video, or add an additional poll. Use the arrows on the right to move images and files above the poll or remove a row by clicking the "X". 

Click the


  • Once you are finished creating your poll, click Save and Close. The poll will now appear in your LMS for students to access and make their selections.


Finished poll ready for student submissions


The poll pictured below is set to show results after voting and shows the poll's current results. Note that instructors are given the option to close the poll and download a summary of the poll results or a list of the poll participants. 


Finished poll showing results


The summary of results shows a list of the responses, the number of responses received, and the percentage of overall responses for each, while the participant list will show a breakdown of every student's last name, first name, I.D. and the percentage they completed.


Summary of results Participant list


To edit a poll, click the three dot menu where you will find the edit button as well as another link to download all poll results. Adjustments may be made from the edit menu as long as the poll has not been closed. 


Click the three dot menu icon and choose


Graded and ungraded polls will appear the same to a student. Though a poll does not have a correct or incorrect answer, the instructor can see how many participants have responded, close the poll, or download results. Student activity, including the percentage of the questions answered, will populate in SpeedGrader and the Canvas gradebook.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How do I add additional prompts to my poll?

  • Click the "Add Polling" button located in the Harmonize Editor to add additional prompts to your poll.


Q. I've created a graded standalone poll with multiple prompts. How does grading work?

  • Student will receive credit for each poll prompt to which they respond.
  • There is currently no way to mark poll responses as "correct" or "incorrect". Simply responding to the poll prompt with any answer will earn the designated number of points.


Q. Is it possible to tell which poll response was selected by each student?

  • Not at this time. If you have a specific use case that requires this functionality from Harmonize Polling, please contact Harmonize Support.




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