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Harmonize Q&A Boards are a great space for instructors and students to ask and answer each other's questions. There are two types of Q&A Boards:


  • Course Q&A: You may create one Course Q&A Board per course. Use this board to ask and answer general questions about the course.
  • Topic Q&A: You may create multiple Topic Q&A Boards. Use these boards to focus questions and answers on particular discussions or modules.


Creating Q&A Boards



  • Canvas: For instructions on how to add a Q&A Board to a Canvas module see our guide on Adding Harmonize to Modules (Canvas).
  • Blackboard, D2L | Brightspace, and Moodle: To add a Q&A Board, follow the same basic instructions as Creating a Graded Discussion but select "Course Q&A" or "Topic Q&A" rather than "Discussion".


User Interface


  • In default view all questions are displayed.
  • If there is a Best Answer for a question, then that response will display below the question.
  • If no Best Answer is marked on a response, then the response that received the most endorsements (good response) will display below the question.
  • If no responses have been added then only the question will display.
  • Users can click on a question to view details of that individual question and all responses.
  • A "Thumbs up" icon shows a count of all endorsements when the question has been marked as a "Good Question".
  • The "Speech Bubble" icon shows a total count of all responses.



Adding a Question

Click the "Ask a Question" text field to see the Harmonize Editor, allowing the author to give the question a title, tag users, enter rich text, upload files, record audio / video or add math equations with the ADA Compliant Harmonize Equation Editor.


If the Q&A Board has Anonymous settings turned on, the user can select to post their question Anonymously.


Click Publish to create the question


Ask Anonymous



Reviewing Questions

Click on a question to expand the discussion thread of answers and comments. Users can mark a question as Good Question or an answer as Good Answer.  These items will be noted with a maroon thumbs up for student's who endorsed the question or a green apple for instructor endorsements.


The author of a question or the instructor of the course can mark an answer as the Best Answer.  Users can reply directly to an answer, or answer a question.  When finished reviewing the discussion thread attached to that individual answer, click the "All Questions" button to return to the list of all questions.





Identifying the Best Answer

A Best Answer will be displayed with a green check and a Best Answer Icon if the instructor marked a response as the Best Answer.  When given permission in the Q&A Board settings, the student author of a question may also be able to select the Best Answer.


A response marked Best Answer can also be removed by the Instructor or Authoring Student.  Only one Best Answer can be selected per question.




  • From the individual question, click on the endorsement icon to see who endorsed the question or answer.



Searching, Filtering, and Sorting

The Harmonize Q&A Board provides three separate tools for users to quickly find the questions and answers they need. Filter, Sort, and Search each provide unique ways to arrange questions, answers, and responses.



  • Enter keywords to find a specific question or response.
  • Interact with questions and answers directly from the Search results.



Filter By



  • Review Type
    • Show All: Displays all posts
    • New / Unread: Displays only new and/or unread posts
    • Flagged: Displays only flagged posts


  • Endorsement Type 
    • Show All: Displays all posts
    • Best Answer: Displays all posts endorsed as Best Answer 
    • No Best Answer: Displays all posts not endorsed as Best Answer
    • Good Answer: Displays all posts endorsed as Good Answer
    • Good Question: Displays all posts endorsed as Good Question


  • Responses
    • Show All: Displays all posts
    • Has Responses: Displays only posts with responses
    • No Responses: Displays only posts with no responses


  • After selecting Filter By options, click Apply Filters.
  • To remove filters, choose Show All from all three drop down menus and click Apply Filters.


Sort By



  • Newest: Displays posts newest to oldest.
  • Oldest: Displays posts oldest to newest.



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