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Note: This article refers to Harmonize Anonymous Settings in Canvas only. To learn more about Harmonize Anonymous Settings in other LMSs, see Anonymous Posts.

Course Settings

 In order to have anonymous posts in a Harmonize Discussion in Canvas, you must first ensure that Anonymous Grading is enabled for your course.

  1. In Canvas, navigate to the Settings page for your course
  2. Select the Feature Previews tab and make sure that the Anonymous Grading option is enabled

Course Settings Anonymous Grading Enabled

Creating an Assignment

Harmonize Discussions in Canvas automatically set the anonymous post settings to match the Anonymous Grading setting on the Canvas assignment.

  1. Navigate to the Assignments page of your course.
  2. Click the Assignment button.

    Assignments Page Add Assignment Button
  3. On the Create New page, fill in an Assignment Name.

    New Assignment Assignment Name Field
  4. Find the Submission Type section, select External Tool in the dropdown and click the Find button.

    Submission Type Section Find Button
  5. Select Harmonize Assignment and click Select button after the URL loads.

    Configure External Tool Modal
  6. Find the Anonymous Grading section and make sure Graders cannot view student names is enabled.

    Anonymous Grading Section Graders cannot view student names enabled
  7. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

    New Assignment Save Button
  8. On the Harmonize Discussion page you'll now note that all students' posts will be anonymous.

    Harmonize Anonymous Discussion All students must post anonymously in this assignment

Grading the Assignment

Anonymous assignments are still graded using SpeedGrader™ but with some additional steps.

  1. Click on SpeedGrader next to the assignment.

    SpeedGrader Button
  2. Enter grades for each student (each student will be labeled as Student 1, 2, 3, etc.).
  3. When you have completed entering grades, click on the eye with a slash button in the top left and select Post Grades.

    View Button Post Grades
  4. On the popup that appears, choose either Everyone or Graded and click Post.

    Post Grades Popup Post Button
  5. At this point, the assignment will no longer be anonymous and students will be able to see their scores.

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