Blackboard: Groups Sets & Groups

This feature allows Instructors to filter on Group Sets or Individual Groups in a Harmonize Topic.  Students will only see posts & comments of students in their same group.

Setting up Groups Sets & Groups

NOTE: This feature is only available with LTI 1.3

  • In Blackboard, set up your Group sets and Groups under the Group Option.

Blackboard Group Option interface to manage Group Sets

Harmonize Topic Settings

  • Click Edit on the Topic and select Post Settings
  • Change the visibility settings to Students in the Same Group
  • Select the Group Set for the groups the Instructor would like to filter on in the topic or Select All Group Sets to filter on all Group Sets
  • NOTE: Students will only see other student's post & Comments that are in the same group but the Instructor can view all Student's work or filter on groups to narrow down the visibility of the student's post & comments.

Harmonize topic settings interface for selecting group visibility.

Instructor View

  • The Instructor can select to filter on all Groups or narrow down the visibility by selecting a Group Set or an individual Group.

Instructor group selection drop-down in a Harmonize topic.

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