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This feature enables Instructors to filter student posts based on the Groups Sets they've created in their Blackboard course.


Creating Groups Sets & Groups in Blackboard


  • In Blackboard, set up your Group sets and Groups under the Group Option.


Blackboard Group Option interface to manage Group Sets



  • Once your group sets and groups are created, move on to the next step.


Setting Group Visibility in a Harmonize Discussion


  • Create a new Harmonize Discussion or launch a previously created Harmonize Discussion and click Edit. This will open the Edit Topic view.
  • In the Edit Topic view, click the Post Settings tab.
  • In the Visibility Settings section, click Students in Same Group.
  • The Group Set drop down menu will appear, along with a Refresh button.
  • Open your Harmonize discussion and click the Edit button.
  • Click the Post Settings tab.
  • In the Visibility Settings, select Students in Same Group


Screenshot 2023-10-06 at 15.14.09.png


  • NOTE: If a new Blackboard Group Set or Group has been created recently, click the Refresh button.
  • Select the desired Group Set from the Group Set drop down menu. If you would like to filter student posts based on all your created Group Sets, choose All Group Sets from the drop down menu. This visibility setting will apply to the current Harmonize discussion only.
  • Click Save & Close.


Instructor View


  • A new groups filter now appears in the top left of the Harmonize discussion window.
  • The Instructor can choose to view all student work or filter student work based on Group Set or Group selected in the drop down menu.


Screenshot 2023-10-06 at 16.26.15.png




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