Adding Rubrics to Harmonize Discussions (Canvas)

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Associating a Canvas rubric with your Harmonize assignment is easy! Rubrics can be added via the Edit Topic page and displayed when student work is available for review in SpeedGrader.

Note: Associating rubrics requires use of the Canvas API and requires an additional Developer Key to be installed with additional permissions. See Configuring Canvas API in Harmonize for more information.

Instructor Setup

After the data sync key has been configured, instructors will have the ability to enable group syncing in their courses. The following steps are only necessary once per unique course.

  • As an instructor, navigate to an existing discussion or create a new discussion.
  • Click the Edit button located in the Instructions section of the Harmonize window.

  • On the Edit Topic page, click the Authorize Canvas Extensions button.

  • In the new browser tab or window that appears, click the Authorize button.

  • Once authorized, all rubrics created in the course will sync and be selectable in Harmonize.

Adding a Rubric to a Harmonize Assignment

Once Group Data Syncing has been authorized, group filtering options will appear in both the Post Settings as well as the main Harmonize discussion view.

  • First, visit the Rubrics section of your Canvas course. Add new or edit existing rubrics as desired.
  • Create a new Harmonize Discussion or launch a previously created Harmonize Discussion and click Edit. This will open the Edit Topic view.
  • In the Rubric row of the Edit Topic view, click the Add Rubric button.
    • Note: If a rubric is currently associated with this assignment, you will instead see a Set Rubric option. Click this button to change the currently associated rubric.

  • Select the desired rubric from the drop down menu and click Set Rubric.

  • The chosen rubric is now associated with your Harmonize assignment.
  • Click the Save & Close button located near the bottom right of the Edit Topic window to return to the main Harmonize discussion page.

Displaying a Rubric During Grading

  • The rubric will display along with grading fields for each criterion.
  • After grading the student's work, click Save.

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