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This feature allows student posts of at least 30 words to be evaluated by Turnitin and can be enabled in the Post Settings of any Harmonize discussion.


NOTE: The Turnitin Similarity tool must be configured for your institution before this feature can be used. Please see Configuring Turnitin Similarity for more information.


Enabling Turnitin in Your Harmonize Discussion


  • Login to your LMS as an Instructor.
  • Navigate to your Harmonize discussion and click the Edit button.



  • Click the Post Settings tab.
  • Check the box next to Turnitin Settings to Send student submissions to Turnitin.



  • Click Save & Close. The Turnitin integration is now enabled for this Harmonize discussion.


How It Works


  • When a student clicks Publish on a post, it will automatically be sent to Turnitin.
  • While the submission is being processed, the Turnitin Icon will read "Processing".
  • Once the submission is complete, the student and teacher will see the score.
  • NOTE: The student's Turnitin score will only be visible to the student and instructor.
  • Students can submit their discussion or assignment two times, after that there is a 24 hour holding period before Turnitin will process the next submission.
  • A minimum of 30 words is required in a student submission for Turnitin to generate a similarity score.
  • A minimum of 300 words is required for Turnitin to generate an AI Writing detection score. See this support article for more details.


The Student View


  • When the students create a post they must Accept and Continue, to agree with the Turnitin End-User License Agreement.
  • If they click Reject, the student can click to create a new post and Accept and Continue to participate in the discussion or submit an assignment.
  • Student's only have to accept once per version of the End-User License Agreement.




  • When the student submits their post, their assignment is automatically sent to Turnitin.
  • The submission will be in the "Processing..." state until Turnitin returns the results.



  • After Turnitin sends the results back, the student will be able to view their score.



  • Click the Turnitin icon to view the report.



  • Click Overall Similarity to view the Similarity Report.
  • Click Settings (the cog icon) to view the Settings menu. This menu will allow you to choose Search Repositories as well as include or exclude Bibliography, Quotes, Citations, and Small Matches from the report.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q. If a student submits their discussion post as an attachment, will the contents of the attachment be included in the Turnitin Similarity Report?

  • Good question! Harmonize does not have the ability to extract text from documents, so, unfortunately, if a student submits their post solely as an attachment, that content would not be sent to TurnItIn for review. With such a post, you would likely also see a message noting that there is no Similarity report because the post was too short. TurnItIn requires we send send at least 30 words in order to generate a Similarity report and only text typed or pasted into the Harmonize text row will be included in the report.


Q. The student's Similarity Score seems to be stuck in "Processing..." status. What's going on?

  • Students can submit their discussion or assignment two times, after that there is a 24 hour holding period before Turnitin will process the next submission. If the status still reflects "Processing..." after the 24-hour time period has elapsed, please contact Harmonize Support.


Q. Why does the student's Similarity Score status say "Post too short?"

  • TurnItIn requires at least 30 words typed/pasted into the Harmonize text row in order to generate a Similarity Report. Encourage the student to edit their post to meet the minimum word count and resubmit. The Similarity Score will appear once Turnitin has completed processing the Simi Report.


Q. I understand Turnitin now features AI Writing Detection. How does it work?

  • This Turnitin help guide is a great place to start:Turnitin AI Writing Detection
  • Ensure you have AI Writing detection enabled in your Turnitin Admin Dashboard.
  • Please note Turnitin's AI detection tool only analyzes text posts with a minimum of 300 words.
  • If you have questions about your Turnitin Admin Dashboard or how the tool works in general, please contact Turnitin Support or your Turnitin representative for assistance.




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