Submitting Comments to the Gradebook

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Instructors using Blackboard, Moodle, & D2L can submit grade comments along with their student grades using the Harmonize Grades & Activity feature. 


Getting Started


  • Once students have participated in your discussion, click the "Grades & Activity" button in the top right of the Harmonize Discussion window.  



  • This will open the Harmonize Discussion Activity Report where the instructor can view the activity, content, and data for each individual student in that Harmonize Discussion.



Adding Instructor Comments


  • Choose a student from the "Showing Activity for" drop down menu located near the top left of the Grades & Activity window.
  • Enter the student's grade in the Grade field.
    (Note: the option to submit a grade comment without also submitting a grade is available to Moodle users only.)
  • Click the  "+Add instructor comment" link located to the right of the Grade field.  This will open the Add/Edit Instructor Comment window.
  • Enter instructor comments. When you are finished, click Update Comment.



  • If needed, you may edit your comments by clicking "View/edit instructor comment" located to the right of the Grade field. When you are finished, click Submit & Next.



  • The grade and comments you enter will automatically populate in the corresponding assignment column of your LMS Gradebook.

A Quick Note for Canvas Users

The ability to leave Assignment Comments is built into SpeedGrader! Please see "How do I leave feedback comments for student submissions in SpeedGrader?" on Instructure Community.

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