Accessing Your Harmonize Sandbox Course in Canvas

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Welcome to Harmonize! A sandbox course has been created for your institution and you should receive an email invitation in your inbox. To access your sandbox course, please follow the instructions below.


Accessing Your Harmonize Sandbox Course


  • Completely log out of Canvas.



  • Navigate to your inbox and find the email entitled "Course Invitation", inviting you to participate in the "Harmonize - [Name of Your Institution]" sandbox course.
  • Click Get Started.



  • The course will open in a new tab and prompt you to accept the invitation for complete access to the course.
  • Click Accept.



  • A "Welcome Aboard!" prompt will appear. Click the Create My Account button.



  • You will be presented with a sign up page.
  • Note that the login has be pre-filled for you. This is your username.
  • Enter a password of your choosing.
    • Please record both your username and password. You will need this information to access the sandbox course.
  • Choose a time zone.
  • Accept the Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Click Register.



  • You're now fully registered and free to access your sandbox course! 


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Can I use my usual Canvas login to access my Harmonize Sandbox Course?

  • Your sandbox course exists in a separate instance of Canvas, so your current Canvas login will not work. You will need to create a new login using the steps outlined above to access your sandbox course.





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