Creating a Post in a Harmonize Discussion

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Creating a post in a Harmonize Discussion is easy! Follow the instructions below to make your post come alive with rich text, media, links, recorded audio or video, polls, and meetings.


Creating a Post

  • Click the "Create post..." field to start creating your original post.

  • The Create Post window will open automatically.

  1. Enter a Subject for your post.
  2. Click the Tag Classmates drop down menu to tag your classmates in your post (optional).
  3. Use the rich text editor to Add Text to your post. Formatting options are available in the Add Text toolbar and a Word Count is provided for your convenience.
  4. To add media to your post, drag and drop files to the Add Media row or click the dialogue to browse for files on your computer.
  5. Toggle this option on to flag your post as a question for your instructor.
  6. The icons located at the bottom of the Create Post window form the Harmonize Editor. Use these buttons to add additional rows to your post such as Add Text, Add Code, Add Media, Add Link, Record Audio/Video, Schedule Meeting, Add Polling, or Add Annotation.
  7. Click Publish to publish your post to the discussion board. 
    1. Click the Preview button to view how others will see your post. 
    2. Click Delete to delete your post and start again. 
    3. Click Save & Collapse to save your post and complete it later.


Here is an example of a completed, published discussion post:


Grid View


Expanded View


Additional Notes

  • Once you click the Publish button your post becomes viewable to your classmates and instructor.
  • Unpublished drafts will save automatically to be completed later. Click Continue Editing to edit your draft or Delete to remove the draft.

  • Additional content rows can be added to your post. Click the icon in the Harmonize Editor to add the corresponding content row.
  • Content rows can be rearranged by using the Up arrow or Down arrow buttons.
  • Content rows can be deleted by clicking the X icon.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Do I need an account to participate in Harmonize Discussions?


  • No separate account is needed to participate in Harmonize Discussions. Simply login to your online classroom with the credentials given to you by your school, click on the title of your course discussion to open it, and participate using the "Creating a Post" instructions listed above.


Q. How do I find Harmonize discussions in my online course?


  • Harmonize discussions will appear the same as regular LMS discussions. Navigate to your course discussions and click the title of the discussion you want to access. If it is a Harmonize discussion, the Harmonize interface will load automatically and you'll be free to participate using the "Creating a Post" instructions listed above. If you are having issue finding your discussions in your course, please contact your instructor for assistance.


Q. Why am I receiving an error message when attempting to Publish my post?


  • Harmonize posts require a Subject line as well as text content OR an attached file in order to publish successfully. If any of these requirements are missed, an error message will appear explaining what is preventing your post from being published.




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