Adding Rich Text and Media to a Post

Adding a Text Block

  • By Default, when creating a post, users can add text or drag & drop files from your desktop.
  • Additional formatting options in the text box can be found using the drop down menu
  • If you want to add an additional text box, select the tT icon.

Text Block

Adding a Media File Block

  • You can either drag and drop one or more files from your device or browse your desktop to upload media.

Media Files

Uploaded Files

  • Thumbnail:  Add a customized thumbnail image to your video and non-image files, by clicking to browse an image on your desktop.
  • Cover Image:  If more than one media file was selected you can choose to select which image will be used to represent the post
  • Media can be rotated or deleted as needed
  • Set the Thumbnail Size on the uploaded files to appear on your Post.  By default it is selected to display Small
  • Add a Description (Caption) to your media file.
  • Supported File Types for Audio / Video

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