Adding Rich Text and Media to a Post, Comment or Reply

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Adding Rich Text

You can add rich text to your post, comment or reply by typing or pasting into the Add Text row.  You can organize your text content with options in the Format and Alignment menus, adjust font colors with the Font, add links with the Link button and equations with the Equation Editor button .  If you want to add an additional text box, select the tT icon:

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Adding Media

You can add media to your post, comment or reply by either dragging files to the Add Media row or clicking on the row to browse for files on your device.  Images and videos will be viewable directly from Harmonize while other files (like PDFs, spreadsheets, etc.) will be downloadable to view in a different app.

Discussion: Add Media Row and Button


You can add multiple files to a single Add Media row.  For each file, you can adjust the following:

  • Thumbnail:  Add a customized thumbnail image to your video and non-image files by clicking to browse an image on your desktop
  • Cover Image:  If more than one media file was selected you can choose to select which image will be used to represent the post
  • For images, if the file is not displaying in the correct orientation, click the left or right rotation buttons to rotate the image
  • Set the Thumbnail Size you want your media to display at in your post, comment or reply
  • Add a Description to display along with the media
  • Remove any media file by clicking the Trashcan button

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