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Sometimes when users attempt to launch Harmonize from a Canvas course, especially from iOS devices like iPhones and iPads, Canvas will return an error message like the following:

LTI Platform Launch Error: 'login_required'

This is due to a bug in the Canvas Student and Canvas Teacher apps on iOS. We recommend using Safari on your iOS device or using a desktop or laptop device to access your course in Canvas and open your Harmonize discussions until Canvas is able to resolve this bug.


Contacting Canvas Support

If these launch errors are occurring frequently for you, Canvas Support may be able to offer additional help. Click on the Help menu in the left navigation menu of Canvas and select the Report a Problem option. Be sure to reference Case #09529105 in your description of the issue or include a link to this support article.

Canvas: Help Menu Report a Problem Link



  • Feb. 2023: Several users have reported running into this error. We have reached out to Canvas Support with our findings and are continuing to work with them on a solution.
  • Aug. 2021: Users on iOS 14.7.1 experienced frequent launch errors. Our team worked with Canvas Support to relay findings from various users. Canvas was able to resolve the issue with a mobile app update.

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