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  • When creating a post or comment, the Harmonize text editor tracks how many words are entered.




Minimum Word Counts

Your instructor may decide to use minimum word counts for your posts and comments. If this is the case, the Harmonize word counter will appear in the following ways:


For Posts

  • When you click Create a post... a word count requirement will appear in the lower right corner of the Create Post window.
  • A banner which shows the number of words needed before your post will count toward Milestone progress will also appear at the bottom on the Create Post window. 




  • Once the word count minimum is met, the banner will disappear and the counter will update to reflect the current word count.




For Comments

  • When you click Add Comment or Reply, the word count requirement will appear in the lower right corner just above the Publish button.




Milestone Requirements 

  • Milestones, located at the top of the Harmonize window, will show student discussion requirements.
  • Posts and comments not meeting word count minimums will be listed beneath the progress bars, but will not count toward Milestone requirements.




  • Once all Milestone requirements are completed, you will only see full progress bars.





Frequently Asked Questions


Does the Word Count minimum prevent me from making posts or comments that do not meet the minimum threshold?


  • You are free to publish posts and comments of any length, including those not meeting the minimum word count threshold set by the instructor, though please note that only posts and comments that meet or surpass the minimum word count threshold will count toward your Milestone completion.
  • Please contact your instructor if you have any questions about minimum word count settings.

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