How to Edit Auto-Captioning SRT Files

Every video recorded directly within the Harmonize Discussion editor, or uploaded as an attached media file, will be automatically closed captioned.  The closed captioning SRT File (SubRip Subtitle file) will be attached to the video player and is available for download and editing.

Step 1: To download the SRT file, click the three dot menu icon on the finished Harmonize topic, post, or comment, then choose "Edit."


Step 2: Click the "1 CC File" link found directly below the video player


Step 3: This will bring up a list of all SRT files attached to this video.  Click on the file name once to download it to your computer.  


Step 4: The downloaded file can now be opened and edited. 

SRT editing programs are available or you can use Notepad on a Windows machine or TextEdit on a Mac.  A good practice is to save your new SRT file with a new name when you are finished.

When editing an SRT file be careful not to delete or remove any of the line numbers or time stamps.  You will also want to insure that you're saving the new file as an "SRT" extension and not DOC, TXT, or any other file type.


Step 5: Return to the same edit window for your Harmonize topic, post, or comment.  Click the "1 CC File" link under the video to open the SRT file manger window, and then drag and drop the new SRT file into the window to upload it.

At this point you can decide to delete the original SRT file or keep both files and select an alternative language for the new SRT file if it has been translated.

To delete an SRT file, click the "x" icon on the far right side of the file box.


Step 6:  Click "Save" in the Closed Caption Files window when you are finished uploading, and then click the "Publish" button at the bottom of the Harmonize editor to make your newly captioned video visible in the Harmonize discussion.

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