Adding a Poll to Your Post

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Want to do a quick survey? Add Harmonize Polling to your post to get instant feedback from your class!


Creating a Poll

Whether a student or instructors, when creating a post or comment, click the Add Polling button:

Discussion: TART Row Add Polling Button


The Create Poll row will appear in the Harmonize Editor where you can write your Poll Prompt. This prompt is required to create a poll.

Polling: Create Poll Add Poll Prompt


Now create 2 or more options for users to respond to your poll prompt. Two fields are shown by default and you can add additional options by clicking Add Option:

Polling: Create Poll Set Poll Options


Next, decide how you would like participants to see the results of the poll. You can select from four options: Always, After participant votes or the poll is closed, After the poll is closed, or Never.

Polling: Creating Poll Show Results to Others Options


Once you are finished creating your poll, scroll to the bottom of the Harmonize Editor and click Publish:

Polling: View Published Poll


Your poll will now be visible to participants in your post or comment. To end the polling click the Close Poll button.

Polling: Closed Poll View Results

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