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The Equation Editor can be accessed when creating a Harmonize Discussion, creating a post, or adding a comment. Select from an organized library of symbols and operators to help you quickly create equations or type your equation in LaTeX.


Accessing the Equation Editor

In the Text Edit menu, click the Equation Icon to open the Equation Editor:

Discussion: Text Edit Equation Editor Button


The Equation Editor will open in Simple View by default, but you may switch to Advanced View if desired.


Simple View

  • Commands may be entered in the Simple View using the syntax "\
  • Users may also select from an organized library of symbols and operators to quickly create equations.

Equation Editor: Simple View


Advanced View

  • This view allows you to type or paste in LaTeX
  • See a full list of LaTeX commands here.

Equation Editor: Advanced View


Inserting an Equation

Once your equation is complete, click Insert Equation button to add it into your text:  

Equation Editor: Insert Equation Button


If you need to edit an inserted equation, first select the equation, then click the Equation icon:

Discussion: Text Edit Existing Equation

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