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Harmonize keeps track of all your discussion-related due dates across all of your courses using Harmonize with the To Do drawer, available in the top menu of most Harmonize pages. These events can also be synced to your personal calendar via the Harmonize iCalendar integration. This helps by providing additional reminders of upcoming due dates such as discussion milestones due ahead of the actual assignment due date.


NOTE: This is a student-facing feature. No To Do events will show for instructors.


The Harmonize To Dos Drawer

The Harmonize To Dos drawer provides an easy way for students to keep track of all discussion related due dates across all courses using Harmonize.


Click the Calendar icon to open the To Dos drawer and view events.  Click any event link to view the referenced Harmonize discussion

To Dos Drawer: List of To Dos


Setup Your Personal Calendar Sync

Harmonize To Do events can also be synced to your personal calendar via the Harmonize iCal integration.


Open a Harmonize discussion topic or Q&A board in any of your courses.  Find the calendar icon in the Harmonize navigation menu and click on it to open the To Dos drawer.  Click Calendar Feed.

To Dos Drawer: Calendar Feed Link


The Calendar Feed window will appear. Click the Copy button to copy the provided iCalendar link.

To Dos Drawer: Calendar Feed Dialog


Paste this iCalendar link into your preferred calendar app to subscribe to your Harmonize calendar feed.

NOTE: Instructions for importing iCalendar links differ from app to app. We recommend searching your app's online knowledge base or contacting their support team for further assistance. Here are some links to help get you started: 

Here is an example of how the Harmonize calendar feed looks in Proton calendar:

To Dos: External Calendar Sync


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why are no events showing in my Harmonize To Do drawer?

  • Events are removed from your To Do drawer as they are completed. It is possible you have already completed all the requirements.
  • Instructors, please note that this is a student facing feature. No To Do events will show for instructors.


Q. How do I import the provided iCalendar link into my preferred calendar app?


Q. I am a Canvas user. Will this feature work for me?

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