Grading Your Harmonize Discussions in Blackboard, Brightspace, or Moodle

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Now that you've created your graded Harmonize discussion and student's have begun participating, how do you grade it? This article outlines all the aspects of grading within Harmonize from viewing current student activity to entering grades into the gradebook.


Viewing Harmonize Discussion Activity


The Harmonize Discussion Activity Report allows instructors to view the posts and comments that have been made by each participant. It is particularly useful when facilitating a topic discussion or viewing activity in a discussion prior to its due date. This Discussion Activity view will always reflect the most up to date discussion activity and indicate when a student's work is ready to grade. Please see the following help guide for more information:



Harmonize submits any participation Auto-Grading points earned by the student when the final Milestone Due Date elapses or the student fulfills all Milestone requirements, whichever occurs first. If your final Milestone Due Date has elapsed, you are free to confirm submitted grades or enter new grades according to the work your students have posted.


The Grades & Activity View


  • Open your Harmonize discussion.
  • Click the Grades & Activity button.


Screenshot 2023-08-03 at 11.31.53.png


  • This will open the All Students view of the Harmonize Discussion Activity Report.
  • Click the "Show Activity for" drop down menu and select any student from the list. Alternatively, you may click on any students name in the "Student Name" column of the Activity Report.


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  • This will open the Individual Student view of the Activity Report.


Screenshot 2023-08-03 at 12.20.19.png


1. Grades & Activity Banner


  • Showing Activity For: Identifies the student whose work is currently being shown.
    • Click this field to return to the All Students view of the Activity Report or select a different student from the drop down menu.


  • Grade: Enter a grade for your student in the provided field.
    • If enabled for this discussion, Harmonize's Auto-Grading feature will automatically submit any points earned by the student into the Grade field. A complete breakdown of earned points is available in the Milestones section of the Activity Report.
    • NOTE: Instructors may override the points/grade awarded to the student at any time by entering a new grade in the Grades field.
    • All points entered into the Grade field will automatically appear in the gradebook.



  • Submit & Next: Click this button to submit the grade entered into the Grade field and move on to the next student.


  • Navigation Arrows: Use these arrows to navigate between individual student view without submitting a new grade.


2. Public Topic Activity


  • This area displays a detailed view of all public original student posts as well as all public comments and replies to other student or instructor posts.


2. Annotating Your Student's Work


  • This is a live view of the discussion and you are able to fully interact with it by commenting / annotating your student's work. Please see the following help guide for more information: Commenting / Annotating Your Student's Work 


3. Posting Comments / Replies 


  • Because this is a live view of the discussion, you are also able to post a comment or reply on your student's work, including Private Comments and Replies


5. Milestones


  • This area displays a detailed view of the student's Milestone progress along with the current status of Participation Auto-Grading. See Milestones and Auto-Grading to learn more about these features.


6. Public Activity Totals


  • This areas displays the total student participation in the current discussion including the number of student posts and comments, the number of responses received, and the number of all discussion posts viewed by the student.




Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How do I get grades I entered in Harmonize to appear in the Gradebook?

  • Grades entered via harmonize will automatically appear in your LMS gradebook.


Q. I accidentally set the wrong dates for my Auto-Graded Harmonize discussion and many students now have zeroes in the Gradebook. Is there any way to update this?

  • Yes! Simply update your Harmonize discussion with the correct Milestone due dates and auto-grading will automatically recalculate.




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