Closed Captioning

Auto Closed Captioning

  • Recorded and uploaded videos will automatically be closed captioned.
  • Once the SRT file is created it will be available to play in the video player by clicking on the cc icon.

Manually Adding an SRT File

After uploading a video you can add a closed caption file via the "Add Closed Caption" link.

  1. Drag and drop the closed caption file to the upload area.
    1. Closed caption files must be in SRT format (see below).
  2. Select the language for your closed caption file.
  3. Clck Save to complete the process.



Creating an SRT File

Harmonize requires all closed caption files be in SRT (SubRip) format.  To create an SRT file simply use a text editor to create a plain text document.  The document must follow a very specific format.  See the Wikipedia page here for more details:

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