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We’re integrating ChatGPT into Harmonize and coupling it with sound pedagogy on what makes a good discussion prompt so instructors can write prompts more quickly and effectively.


Getting Started

You can easily get to Harmonize Brainstorm by editing any new or existing Harmonize Discussion. Simply launch the Harmonize Discussion and click the Edit button:

Discussion: Topic Edit Button


On the topic edit page, you'll see a banner at the top of the instructions section. Click on the Generate Prompt button to get started:

Discussion: Topic Settings Instructions Tab Generate Prompt Button


Brainstorm Settings

On the Brainstorm Settings dialog, there are 3 inputs you can adjust to help guide ChatGPT in building your instructions.

Brainstorm: Prompt Generation Settings


Complexity Level

The selected complexity level will be shown in the field labeled I want my students to... The complexity levels are based on Blooms Revised Taxonomy. By default, the "Apply Their Knowledge (Complexity Level 3)" is chosen. Click the Change link to adjust the complexity level or read longer descriptions about each level.


Initial Prompt

This text area labeled What subject do you want your students to discussion? is where you can enter a short question or statement that you would like to be the focus of this discussion. If you had previously entered instructions back on topic settings, those text instructions will be automatically added here. Otherwise, this area will be blank and will need to be filled in. The text in this field must be at least 25 characters long for ChatGPT to produce instructions.


Learning Objectives

If you are utilizing learning objectives for this discussion, you can add them in the area labeled Learning Objectives (Optional). Enter one learning objective per text field, clicking the Add Another Learning Objective link to add additional fields or clicking the X button to remove fields. Learning objectives are optional but will provide ChatGPT with even better context when crafting the topic instructions.

Once you have the settings entered, click the Generate Topic Instructions button in the bottom right corner and ChatGPT will start building instructions.


Instruction Generation

As ChatGPT generates instructions based on your input, the text will be streamed on screen and your view will be automatically scrolled with the text. Once ChatGPT has finished generating, you'll have a few different options for refining the instructions.

Brainstorm: Prompt Generation View and Controls


Start Over

If the instructions are way off the mark or the complexity is too high or too low, click the button labeled Start Over. This will take you back to the Brainstorm Settings where you can make adjustments to the complexity level, initial prompt and/or learning objectives before generating instructions again.


Try Something Different

If the instructions that ChatGPT produced are not what you had in mind or if you'd like to see additional options, click the button labeled Try Something Different. This will tell ChatGPT to use the same settings but with a different approach. Notice also that the previously-generated instructions are not lost but simply scrolled off screen.


Suggest Improvements

If the instructions are missing some key points or if the tone is not to your liking, you can type your suggestions in the text area labeled Suggest Improvement and click the Send button. Your suggestions will be passed to ChatGPT and a new set of instructions will be generated. You can suggest as many improvements as you want to refine the instructions.


Add This to My Topic Instructions

Once you are satisfied with the instructions or they only require minor adjustments, click the button labeled Add This to My Topic Instructions on the instruction block you'd like to use. This will close the Brainstorm dialog and return you to topic settings. If you had started with previous instructions, the new instructions will be appended to them, allowing you to adjust as needed. You are also able to make corrections or additions to the instructions from ChatGPT and add any additional resources as you see fit. Once complete, click the Save & Close button at the bottom of the page to save the instructions.



Harmonize takes privacy seriously.  To that end, the integration with ChatGPT used for Brainstorm has been configured to opt out of all inputs being used to train any AI models for OpenAI.  Please see the ChatGPT section of our Security & Data Protection Policy for additional details.



Harmonize Brainstorm is a tool for leveraging the power of ChatGPT and sound pedagogy to help instructors build engaging discussion prompts quickly and easily.

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