2024 Release Notes

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April 2024


Extended Recording Times in the Harmonize Recorder and New Harmonize Screen Recording Feature



AI Generated Rubrics for Blackboard, Brightspace, and Moodle


  • AI Generated Rubrics a going gangbusters for our Canvas clients (released in early January). The word has been spreading and the number of users adding rubrics to their assignments is staggering! An awesome rubric with just a couple clicks? Yes please. We've designed a rubrics feature for Blackboard, Brightspace, and Moodle as well! It is currently available via a toggle in your Harmonize Course Settings and will be enabled by default in every course beginning June 2024!
  • See this help guide for more information: Harmonize Rubrics (Blackboard, Brightspace, and Moodle)


February 2024


New Harmonize Reactions


  • We added Great Idea, Inspiring, and Unique to the list of available Harmonize Reactions


Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 18.45.41.png


Updated Student Email Notifications


  • Students interacting frequently and consistently has always been the goal, but boy do they do it A LOT. To that end, we're taking the first step to control the amount of notifications they receive so they don't get overwhelmed.

  • The first simplification is, when a conversation is flying, we'll condense a series of notifications that happen within a short window to a single digest email. That way, if your classmates when nuts back and forth, but you were off grabbing a coffee, you don't come back to a flooded inbox. Instead, you come back to an email or two catching you up on all that you missed.

  • We'll be taking small steps like this in the upcoming releases to make sure notifications are as useful as they can be.


Extended Session Timeout


  • We're sticklers for protecting student data. To that end, we've always had a deep disagreement on the session timeout in most LMSes. Sometimes those span an entire day which seems.....wrong to us. A student walks away from a shared lab computer and bad things happen.

  • However, we also hate annoying users, even if it's for security reasons. So we've done two things:

    • We have increased our inactivity timeout to an hour.

    • If users have multiple tabs open, activity in ANY browser tab will keep the other tabs active too and allow independent work in those other tabs.


Milestone Visibility extended to "Student Preview" Mode


  • For instructors who really love to check on what their students are going to see as they're configuring their Topics, your LMS has this nifty feature that will show them the student view for a fake student. We haven't, until now, supported that for milestones as a fake student has no progress!

  • But yes, that's caused confusion. So now, when you launch the student preview, you will see your milestones as a student would see them.


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