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The Harmonize Screen Recording feature enables you to share your screen directly within Harmonize and talk over a slide deck, presentation, or any other information you'd like to share. This feature is available to students and instructors via the Harmonize Editor.


Using the Screen Recording Feature


  • Begin by creating a new post, comment, or reply.
    • Instructors: you may also use this feature in the Instructions tab while creating new Harmonize discussions.


  • Click the Record Screen button located in the Harmonize Editor.


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  • A new Record Screen row will be added to your post.
    • To remove this row from your post, click the Delete Recording Row icon located in the top right of the row.


  • Click the Select Screen button to get started.


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  • A window will open asking which screen you would like to share. Depending on your browser, you may choose a single tab, entire widow, or entire screen. When you've chosen what you'd like to share, click Share.


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  • If this is your first time using the feature, your browser will prompt your for access to your microphone. Click Allow.
    • NOTE: If you do not wish to record audio along with your screen, you may decline this access.


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  • Click the Start Recording button to begin recording. Note there is a 15 minute max to screen recordings.
    • Click Pause to pause the recording.
    • Click Record to continue recording where you left off.


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  • When you are finished recording click Done. The recording will upload and begin processing.


  • A final version of the screen recording, complete with auto-captioning if you chose to record audio, will be available as an attachment to the post. You may simply play it back or click the Comment/Annotate button to leave more in-depth feedback. See this article for more information: Creating Image, Video, and PDF Annotations 


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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. I am a Moodle user and I'm having trouble accessing the screen recording feature. Can you help?


  • It's likely that Moodle is preventing screen recording due to Harmonize being loaded into an iframe. We won't bore you with all the technical details, but opening Harmonize in a new tab should allow you to get around this LMS limitation.


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Q. Is the screen recording feature available on mobile devices?


  • Not at this time. To use the screen recording feature, please access your Harmonize discussion from a desktop or laptop.


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