Editing a Harmonize Topic

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Once you have created a Harmonize discussion, it can be edited at any time click Edit in the upper right hand corner to edit the topic details.



You will be presented with a number of options divided into sections.



  • Title:Title of the topic, which will appear in the Harmonize topic list.
    • If this topic is tied to an LMS assignment then the title may not be editable.
  • Dates: Set an open/close date and time using your timezone.
    • If a topic should always be open, leave the fields blank.
    • If this topic is tied to an LMS assignment then the dates may not be editable.
  • Description: Enter the discussion prompt or assignment description in the text area.  You can use additional formatting to customize the description.
    • Optionally: Upload media files, documents, record audio/video, embed links from the web, create a poll, or schedule a meeting.

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Post Settings

  • Provides a multitude of options to configure how posts work for your topic.
    • To learn more about each setting view the individual resource guides.


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Milestone Due Dates & Auto-Grading

You can optionally set up Milestones or Multiple Due dates, view the Milestones Resource guide for more information.

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Student Facilitators

You can optionally set up Student Facilitators, view the Student Facilitators guide for more information.

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