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New to Harmonize? This Student Help Guide will get you up and running in no time!


What is Harmonize?

Harmonize is a suite of online collaboration and discussion tools that helps  maximize student engagement in online courses. Harmonize is an interactive, inclusive space where you can post your work and discuss topics with teachers and other students in your online classroom using rich content and media. Record audio and video from any device to create personal and engaging discussions. 


How Do I Get Started?


How Do I Participate in Harmonize Discussions?


How Do I View My Discussion Activity and Grades?


Where Do I Go to Find Help?

It's understandable to have questions, especially if you're new to Harmonize. There are layers of support available to help you out!


Start with the Tips Guide

In any Harmonize window, click the Components icon located in the navigation menu.  Select Tips from the drop down menu.  Alternatively, navigate to the Harmonize Communication Center and click the Tips card. 

Communication Center: Tips Card and Components Menu with Tips Option


The Tips Guide offers helpful information about the use of many Harmonize features.

NOTE: Feel like some information is missing or out of date?  Submit a ticket to Harmonize Support and we'll take care of it!

Tips Page: Tip Content and Help Guide Link


Try Searching the Harmonize Help Guides

At Harmonize there is a Help Guide for everything! Feel free to browse the guides listed in the student section or use keywords in the big search bar to locate specific guides.


Contact Your Instructor

If you can't find the answer you're looking for, the next step is contacting your instructor. Your instructor will be able to answer course specific questions and ensure you have proper access to your Harmonize discussions. If you instructor cannot answer your question, they will contact your school's support team or Harmonize Support for further assistance.


Contact Harmonize Support

If all else fails, you can always contact Harmonize Support! Please note that while we are unable to answer specific questions about your course, help you with your homework, or negotiate your grades, we are great providing information about Harmonize features and helping you troubleshoot if you run into an error.


When contacting Harmonize Support, please:

  • Use your school affiliated email address! It's difficult for us to confirm your identity based on your personal Gmail/Outlook/iCloud address.
  • Provide the name of your school, the name of your course, the title of your Harmonize discussion, and the name of your instructor
  • State the problem you're experiencing as clearly as you can. Including error messages, whole tab screenshots, or screen recordings of the issue is exceptionally helpful!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I opened a ticket with Harmonize Support. When can I expect a response?

  • Harmonize Support is available Monday through Friday, 9:00am ET to 5:00PM ET, excluding holidays.  We try to respond within 4 business hours, but please note that it may take longer during busier times of the semester.
  • While you're waiting, try searching the Harmonize Help Guides. You may find the solution you're looking for!


Q. Do I need an account to participate in Harmonize Discussions?

  • No separate account is needed to participate in Harmonize Discussion. Simply login to your online classroom with the credentials given to you by your school, click on the title of your course discussion to open it, and participate using the "Creating a Post" instructions listed above.


Q. How do I find Harmonize discussions in my online course?

  • Harmonize discussions will appear the same as regular LMS discussions. Navigate to your course discussions and click the title of the discussion you want to access. If it is a Harmonize discussion, the Harmonize interface will load automatically and you'll be free to participate using the "Creating a Post" instructions listed above. If you are having issue finding your discussions in your course, please contact your instructor for assistance.

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